The University

The vision of this university is "to discover and make scholars, noble, bright and useful" - by providing a quality university education in Africa. The motivation is driven by the desire to train intellectually capable minds that will play leading roles in today’s global economy, and help position the region competitively through entrepreneurial innovation, technical excellence, and world-class management capabilities.

As the knowledge economy reshapes the 21st century, the university will help anchor a sustainable knowledge base that will benefit not just the continent but MNCs that invest therein. We understand that no region can develop faster than its educational system and economic prosperity will always correlate with quality of education. Our goal is to assemble Africa’s brightest kids, educate them, and then empower them to invent the next future.

The university will have its physical campus in Nigeria with two tele-classrooms in Silicon Valley and Boston. The goal is to tap into leading professors and entrepreneurs in U.S through this network. The university is a full conventional school with colleges in many fields.

The educational programme will develop leading-edge knowledge in the priority research and development areas of the university project (energy, health, agriculture, ICT and minerals), academic and innovative competencies (foresight, forecasting, thinking, projecting), entrepreneur competence, experience in team work on projecting and solving inter-disciplinary problems.

Colleges - the university has five colleges

Institutes - the university has two institutes and they are

  • Technology Collaboration Institute (TCI)
  • Microelectronics Training & Research Institute (MTRI)

More than 30% of the faculty in this university will come from top universities in U.S., Canada and Western Europe.

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