University Project - A new university in Nigeria structured to provide quality education at competitive cost in Africa. It will have a Technology Park with an open innovation place. We will measure quality with three metrics - employability, citizenship and entrepreneurship. The school to be housed in a 275-acre land offers a vista to close the loop that exists within education, research and innovation in Africa.

      At AFRIT, our goal is to shape Africa's future; invest to "assemble Africa’s brightest kids, educate them, and then empower them to invent the next future". AFRIT, United States Internal Revenue Service 501(3)c chairtywas founded by Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe.


Letter from Nigeria's National Universities Commission as we work on the licensing 

University Gate

University Gate Area

University Technology Park (Technopark) Office

School of Social Sciences

School of Engineering


Cafe Walkway


Fish Farm - School of Agriculture

Admin Building

Medical Center

Ovum Museum (inside the campus)

* Images from 3D Model of the University

 United Nations Advisor; Commendation from Sir Richard Branson (R)

  The Plan - A 21st Century University
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